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Reception Furniture Designs:
What's Good and What's Not?

Reception furniture designed and manufactured by Jacobs Joinery of Havant Hampshire

Reception furniture designs can play an enormous part in the success or otherwise of a business. The reception area is the first place that most people are in when they come across a product or service in its "home" environment. If that person is a prospective client, or a possible investor, then his or her impressions need to be tip top. It is the job of the receptionist, of course (or receptionists), to supply a warm welcome, a friendly efficient face for the company: but if the furniture he or she is using doesn't do its job properly that can be pretty difficult.

Consider the two most important roles of the receptionist, and you've got the two most important facets of reception furniture designs. These roles are equally important - without one, the other fails, and vice versa. A receptionist, more than anything else, must be friendly and efficient. That's it.

How do reception furniture designs help or hinder all this? Well, consider the chair, the desk - the seating area that the receptionist uses, and the furniture provided for waiting visitors. If a receptionist is using a chair that isn't very comfortable, or is quite low, then he or she will probably be irritable. Not to mention off sick a lot. And that means a bad face for the whole company. Now - what about the chairs that people wait in? Good, solid, comfortable chairs, built to look like the furnishings of a home, will make guests feel cared about, and also impress - it is, after all, a successful company that can afford to kit its office out like a lounge. One of the major tricks of good reception furniture designs: making sturdy, easy clean chairs look a lot pricier than they really are.

OK - so what about the desks and tables? Same principles apply - though here the receptionist's desk should also display some kind of "theme" that fits with the company image. A nice organic shape, for example, some modern materials or even a few downlights set into the lip of the desk top. The receptionist's desk is like the prow of a ship - the first thing the port sees when it docks, the statement of its power and intent. The furniture provided for guests - like the chairs, go for lounge chic in modern materials. Easy to clean, hard to break and looking expensive even if they aren't.

Another point - good reception furniture designs will look like they are of quality enough to cost some money, without appearing needlessly lavish. We're talking the difference between solidity and profligacy.

Remember that a reception area is a whole microcosm of the company and its attitudes. No investor, guest or client likes to look around a room that looks like it has been kitted out for the pure pleasure of chucking money away.

Really good reception furniture designs, then, are a happy medium - quiet style and functionality combined. Get the right kit and your business will thrive for it.

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The design and manufacture of comfortable and functional reception furniture, including reception counters, reception seating and reception tables is a major part of the business undertaken by Jacobs Joinery. Please contact Jerry Rapley on 023 9245 7110 or email: info@jacobs-joinery.co.uk

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