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Why Choose Real Wood Veneer Reception Desk

Reception desks and recption counters manufactured by Jacobs Joinery of Havant Hampshire

Author: James Brown

A reception desk is the main attraction of a modern office today. It is the first thing which appeals to the eyes of an outsider. A modern contemporary front desk should be unique and gives a classy look to an office. It can create a positive effect on clients and also to the employees. A beautiful office reception desk gives a sophisticated look to a work place and often help complete a company's image.

The trend is to create a contemporary and distinct front lobby desk that is both warm and inviting. This 'must have' piece of furniture usually has the classic feel of real wood veneer. A variety of veneer desks are available in the market. They are designed with integrated glass, brass, stainless steel and chrome to compliment the interiors. Real wood, though an old fashion material, gives exceptional warmth to the reception area. Such modern and classy reception areas invite collaboration. It creates a friendly approach and relaxes the mind of the people working in that particular organization. It should be highly sophisticated and conducive to high standards of business by creating the right atmosphere.

Real wood veneer has features that suits many design criteria. It is modern yet classic and is an everlasting presence in today's expansive design spectrum. They are available in many species, grain pattern, color, finishes, and textures; thus, providing a wide variety of options for the designers and buyers. It can be well tailored to suit the need of every customer. Contemporary designs often integrate modern veneers, like copper, stainless, aluminum, to the classic wood veneer. Edges can be banded with hard wood, pvc, stainless, aluminum, and other strips. Stone, glass, and tiles are often used on reception desk counters because of their exception durability and home like feel. Because there are so many options available and most often, office managers all have different taste. There is rarely a single design that works for most company's needs. This is precisely why most mid to high end reception front lobby desk are custom made. You just simply can't stock a thousand plus configurations and anticipate what the business wants. However, there are plenty of company who will compromise a little to afford a highly presentable front desk and meet their budget. Such compromise often give buyers a variety of affordable options and drastically decreases lead time for reception desk. Happy hunting.

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James Brown: Executive Desk Company offers several lines of modern reception desk.Choose from our Edeskco series and Italian designer reception desks.

The design and manufacture of reception furniture, including reception desks, reception seating and reception tables is a major part of the business undertaken by Jacobs Joinery. Please contact Jerry Rapley on 023 9245 7110 or email: info@jacobs-joinery.co.uk

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